Just about a year ago, the fashion world declared, “Beige is back!” and it’s still going strong.

I recently learned everything I wanted to know and more about this “it” color when choosing paints for my mom’s new condo. Beige tones are highly desirable because they are chic and sophisticated, while also being simple, understated, and able to blend with daring accent choices (like purple for example).

Would it surprise you to know that this beige trend has crossed over into our content creation world? Yup, there is a writing tool called Beige Prose.

Similar to why fashionistas praise the color, content creators enjoy writing in beige tones because:

  • It draws attention to the most important things
  • It’s not flowery and uses descriptive words, like adjectives and adverbs, minimally
  • It is short, simple, and to the point, showcasing one or two interesting details

Be aware, there is such a thing as too much Beige – in your outfit choices, in your home decor, and, in particular, in your writing. If content creators overuse this style or incorporate it in the wrong situation, like writing dialogue or trying to inspire specific emotion, then their copy can become dull and unfeeling. As we all know, once a reader is bored and lacks a connection with what they are reading, it’s game over.

At LBA, we’ve always aimed to be straightforward, succinct, and choosy with our modifiers when creating sales and marketing content. Whether it’s a website page, blog, email, white paper, sell sheet, or other similar piece, we are big fans of “painting” it beige, but with perhaps a little sprinkle of purple now and again.